About Me

My Story

I live just outside of Phoenix, Arizona in Mesa. At night, you can often catch me chasing the Milky Way in the dark deserts.

Mike Ince

One of my greatest passions

is recording a particular moment in time

so I can look back and recall those feelings

and thoughts at that exact time.

I enjoy several genres of photography, namely, astrophotography, landscapes, nature, wildlife (especially birding), macro, seascapes, travel and even pet photography here and there. When I am not in the deserts, I enjoy traveling and seeing the many different landscapes and sceneries the world has to offer.

Personal Favorites

Some of my personal favorites are below. For one reason or another, these photos have a personal story attached to them. And for me, that is what photography is all about.

Interested in a Workshop?

Are you looking to fine tune your photographic skills? I offer 1 on 1 instruction in the field, post processing or both!