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Mike Ince

My friends call me Spike!

I live in sunny Mesa, Arizona. One of my greatest passions in life is to record a particular moment in time so it can be treasured forever. I want to look back at photography, yours and mine alike recall or imagine the feelings and thoughts that occurred at the time.

I enjoy several genres of photography, namely, astrophotography, landscapes, nature, wildlife (especially birding), macro, seascapes, travel and even pet photography here and there. In the deserts near my home, you can often find me chasing the stars and Milky Way with my camera. When I am not in the deserts, I enjoy traveling and seeing the many different landscapes and sceneries the world has to offer.

I am a frequent contributor to a few blogs around the web, such as CG Pro Prints and Rick Sammon’s website. Last year I wrote a special chapter for one of Rick’s latest books on capturing star trails. You can get that on Amazon!

I am a proud NANPA member and will be hosting a nighttime workshop in the Moab in early June 2019. For all the details and for sign information visit the NANPA Arches National Park Astrophotography page!

Aside from photography, I enjoy other forms of art such as design and music. I previously played the drums around town in a band. Mexican food is a favorite having been from the Southwest for so long.


Check out my Ambassador Feature over on CG Pro Prints website. This is who I use for all of my metal and canvas printing. I have also contributed helpful blogs for the photography industry over there. Be sure to check out the product offerings CG Pro Prints has! My favorite product offering from CG is the metal prints. Below you will find some of my guides as well.

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