Originally from the Bay Area in California, I now call Mesa, Arizona home. My lifelong fascination with capturing moments through a camera has evolved into a deep passion. The journey took a more serious turn in 2007, marked by significant gear upgrades. Around this time, I became particularly entranced by macro photography — the art of revealing the intricate details of the world up close.

In 2012, fortune smiled upon me as I connected with a group of friends who became my mentors for years to come. They played a pivotal role in shaping me into the photographer I am today.

During that same year, I stumbled upon my affinity for astrophotography, specifically capturing the ethereal beauty of the Milky Way and the serenity of nighttime scenes. This newfound interest quickly grew into a borderline obsession. Countless nights were spent driving beyond Phoenix, relentlessly pursuing knowledge and mastery in this photographic genre.

With time and dedication, I proudly featured my work in various esteemed magazines and books. Beyond personal accomplishments, my passion led me to guide countless fellow photography enthusiasts. Through one-on-one workshops, group sessions, online guides, and guest publications, I’ve aided numerous eager learners in honing their skills.

The act of mentoring and sharing the art of photography has taken on immense importance in my life. Having grappled with creative blocks and feeling trapped in my own progress, I understand the value of guidance. Thus, I warmly welcome individuals committed to advancing their skills and dedicated to the perpetual evolution of their craft.

As reflected across my website, my photography interests encompass an array of subjects, including landscapes, macro shots, travel chronicles, and birding escapades. While exploring the Mesa area, you might just spot me chasing moments to enrich my birding catalog.

Beyond photography, my curiosity extends to ancient history, spurring me to explore and capture iconic sites like Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids of Giza. When my adventures pause, I find solace in browsing local used bookstores, perpetually hunting for literary treasures. Naturally, a detour for Mexican cuisine often follows these visits!

In the sanctuary of my home, I relish spending time with my two feline companions. The view from my windows offers a constant spectacle of hummingbird visitors, drawn by the year-round traffic in the Arizona climate. Speaking of winged wonders, I’ve been an avid volunteer at Liberty Wildlife since 2016, cherishing every moment spent contributing.


Referencing the passage above, I invite you to explore my annual Raptor release story. Among dedicated volunteers like myself, each person is granted the privilege of participating in one release per year. Here, I briefly recount my experience in the rehabilitation and release of wildlife. This endeavor finds its home within the broader context of the incredible work undertaken by Liberty Wildlife over the past four decades. Their legacy of compassion and action continues to inspire.