About Mike Ince

Photographer. Videographer. Storyteller.

Mike Ince has amassed a following as a purveyor for beautiful midnight landscapes and astrophotography. Mike has not only been featured on numerous blogs around the web, his photography can also be found valiantly displayed on a number of magazine covers and in a handful of books. Mike is the kind of guy that lives for adventure, he’s ambitious in his drive to capture striking moments in time in order to evoke incredibly sensational emotions. Residing in balmy Mesa, Arizona, Mike can often be found blasting tunes while taking his Jeep out into the long and spacious desert roads surrounding Phoenix.

Mike is a burgeoning mentor. He’s ultimately dedicated to improving the skills of other aspiring photographers because he remembers a time when he too felt stuck in his craft as a photographer.

Since breaking out and evolving into the photographer he is today, he’s helped hundreds of enthusiastic shutterbugs through one-on-one workshops, group workshops, and online guides.

Mike is avidly composing tons of valuable learning

materials which are frequently launched on his website.

Mike is avidly composing tons of valuable learning materials which are frequently launched on his website. Aside from his fame as a night photographer, Mike also specializes in wildlife photography, macro photography, and travel photography. As an eager explorer, Mike has spent a considerable amount of time globetrotting in order to see authentic and awe-inspiring sights. His love for ancient history has inspired him to travel all over the world, photographing worldly mysteries like Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids of Giza. When he’s not scoping out the next perfect shot around the world, or hunting down rare publications in used book stores, Mike spends most of his free time relaxing and hanging out with his cats.

His love for animals also extends to the owls at Liberty Wildlife, where he spends his time volunteering at Phoenix’s premier raptor facility. Through photography, Mike has been able to live a life of adventure by embarking on one of the most exciting career paths imaginable. He has sold a great deal of his fine art prints online and at local shows. Mike is meticulous, devoted to his craft, and skilled with the spirit of a flawless eye for design. He’s a diehard photographer, and prides himself on being an aficionado for all the Mexican food in his area.