Poppy Wildflower
Mike Ince
Mike Ince

Arizona Poppy Flower Video

Poppy Flower Super Bloom

With all the rain Arizona had this winter we are experiencing a magnificent year for wildflowers and especially our Mexican Poppies in the state. Some of the deserts in the Southwest have had up to seven inches this winter, which is incredible!

Mexican Poppies

Check out my video above, for some various footage to see what the Peridot Mesa is like during the bloom this year. These are Mexican poppies. Today, the Mexican poppy is considered a subspecies of the California poppy. The two are strikingly similar. The most distinct difference is the first leaves on the seedlings. Seedlings on a California Poppy are divided into a Y-shape. The seedlings on a Mexican Poppy are not divided and linear. The Mexican Gold Poppy is also more tolerant to droughts and slightly small in size.

I hope you enjoy the poppy flower as much as I do! Earlier in the week, I shared some photos from the area along with some tips for shooting the wildflowers. It was Poppy heaven at the Peridot Mesa last week, so check it out!

Poppy Flower

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