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Welcome to Coquille River Lighthouse

Here we are in Bandon Oregon, visiting the Coquille River Lighthouse. It’s not a functioning Lighthouse these days, but it is worth the stop if you are in the area along the coast of Oregon. Let’s have a visit below and talk about this picturesque location!

Coquille River Lighthouse

Sunrise can present some excellent shooting opportunities here.

This lighthouse was first lit over 120 years ago, in early 1896. At that time, it was called Bandon Light. It was operational until 1936 when a fire ran through most of what was Bandon. The fire destroyed much of the area, and this was the beginning of the end for the functioning lighthouse. The town would end up going bankrupt forcing the closure of the Bandon Light three years later. An automated light would then replace the lighthouse.

Coquille River Lighthouse is built on a concrete and rock jetty, while constructed of brick and stucco. It sits at about 40 feet tall and originally had a fourth order Fresnel lens, but after decommissioning it, they installed a solar lens in 1991. For you lighthouse lovers, it’s characteristics are 28 seconds on while 2 seconds off, though only seen from Bandon.

Bullards Beach State Park

If you are going to be in the area, it’s part of Bullards Beach State Park. The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department maintain the lighthouse and the park. When this park was created, the lighthouse was restored. Today, its serves as a cute gift shop from the inside.

Photographying Coquille River Lighthouse

You can photograph the lighthouse up close like the image below if you are visiting during park hours. I used a neutral density filter to capture a long exposure as I was shooting here during lunchtime. You will find plenty of parking nearing here, but the drive is about a mile in and the end of the park road.

Bandon Lighthouse

Bring a neutral density filter for some creative long exposures

The area can also be photographed from the other side of the river from a few spots, with parking available as well. The following shot was captured just after sunrise with some gorgeous morning light.

Coquille Lighthouse

Sunrise from across the river of Coquille River Lighthouse


If you are interested in seeing all 11 of Oregon’s lighthouses, The Travel Oregon website has an excellent run down of them to help plan your visit. Head over to my Bandon Night Images blog and check out some of the images from just up the street, or beach I should say, along the coast near Face Rock. As always, when shooting near the ocean be careful, never take your eyes off the waves and stay safe.