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Fern Canyon Photography

Let’s talk about some Fern Canyon photography! I visited this fascinating landscape during the summer. I tried to go in May, but the drive in route was closed due to a rock slide. Since I was in the area again in late July, I decided to venture there and make up for lost time! It was well worth the return trip! I headed into the canyon just after sunrise, hoping to avoid the crowds. This strategy worked, and I would suggest the same to anyone else visiting. With the long summer days, you can have a good 2 hours with minimal people there, especially if during the week.

There can be water in the canyon, especially after a coastal rain. If that’s the case, you may want to consider an old pair of shoes when heading in. Most of the times some small streams are running through that you can navigate through smoothly, and there are even some boards to help with this. Note that these bridges are only laid out during the summer months. During the winter an occasional rush of water can go through the area from the winter floods.

Fern Canyon Photography

Some wood boards to help guide your adventure through the small creeks in the canyon during the summer

If you plan on doing some Fern Canyon photography, you might want to bring a polarizer along with a variety of lenses, such as a wide angle and consider a macro lens as well for some fern work. If it’s early in the day or off-season, you can get a tripod in here as well.

Fern Canyon Redwoods

Lucious green ferns fill the canyon

I hope you, too, get to take this adventure and do some Fern Canyon photography of your own. Oh, and if you are a fan of landscapes, check out my Landscapes Gallery!

Trip Planning Help

For more info about this area, whether you plan to hike in, or drive to the lot on the beach, visit the California Parks and Recreation page. There is plenty of info on getting there, seasons, camping and more. If you are already familiar with the area, you can have a quick peek at the National Park Service for road alerts and conditions in the area.

Fern Canyon Trail

Be sure to check out all the moss on the walls. It’s a site to behold!