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Inner Basin Trail

Autumn is here! So that means it’s time to make my yearly visit to the Lockett Meadow area. More specifically, for 2017, the Inner Basin Trail. This year, I headed up North with some excellent photography friends, Kristina and Iris. Both are very talented in their own rights. It’s always nice to shoot with others and learn from one another. This provides a remarkable way of seeing things through another artists’ eyes. We arrived early, so we had the place to ourselves to start the morning, and we got a head start up the trailhead. It’s 1.5 miles to the top where you eventually reach the bike trails.

On the way to the top, after the pine trees, you will notice a fast transition to golden aspens. But don’t forget to stop along the way up for some of these shots too!

Inner Basin Trail AZ

It’s a glorious walk along the Inner Basin Trail!

The trail will wind back and forth a few times with some elevation gains before reaching the top. However, these are not too bad, and pets and children can enjoy the scenery along this trail also. Even a halfway hike up will provide great views and photo opportunities.

One of my favorite shots from the day was using my macro lens (Sigma 150mm) to shoot up the trail with an excellent depth of field and focus into the aspens.

Inner Basin Trailhead

Into the Aspens We Go!

As you go up, you will notice you become eye level with some of the aspens. Standing at this level creates an easy way to grab some unique shots directly into the trees along the Inner Basin Trail. You can use multiple lenses for this and get very creative with your depth of field and compositions.

aspen trees

Face to Face with the Aspens

Now the Fun Begins

Once you reach the bike trails up top, there are unlimited opportunities for beautiful shots that represent the area quite well. The shot below is just after you reach the top. You can see the wide path littered with golden leaves!

Inner Basin Trail

Thanks to Iris and Kristina for helping me make this magical shot!

Kristina and Iris

It was a fun day in the golden leaves of the Inner Basin Trail

So if you missed it this year, make sure you hit the Inner Basin Trail next October! For trailhead info, check out the USDA Forest Service.

If you want to see some more images from Lockett Meadow and the Inner Basin Trailhead, head over to my Northern Arizona blog.

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