Lightroom Classic Crash Course

Learn Lightroom Live in 60 Minutes

Live on Zoom with Me.

Follow me and watch along on my screen as I show you around Lightroom. I will recommend a workflow from start to finish and show you a run to get images from your camera to the final edit.

I will have you familiar with Lightroom in no time!

The best part of learning like this is that you get to ask questions as we move along. In fact, I encourage you to do so!

Getting Started
  • Installing Lightroom
  • What is a Catalog?
  • Lightroom Interface
  • Important Preferences
  • Adobe Accounts
Develop Your Photos
  • Explore the Develop Module
  • Edit in Photoshop and Back
  • Basic Editing
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Read the Histogram
Importing & Exporting
  • Organizing Your Photos
  • Importating After a Shoot
  • Export for Web
  • Export for Print
  • File Naming Ideas
Efficient Workflows
  • Must Know Keyboard Commands
  • Shortcuts
  • Personalize Lightroom
  • Maximize Your View
  • Declutter the Interface
Quality Over Quantity

Become more comfortable in Lightroom whether you are sorting your images, or editing them to share and print.

Questions Before We Begin?


No Problem! Shoot me a direct email to


60 Minute Breakdown

This is a quick, down and dirty, Lightroom crash course! It's done live as you watch me on my screen as I will breakdown the various and most useful aspects of getting started in Lightroom. I will use Zoom to allow you to see everything on my screen in real-time.

Ask Questions

You are encouraged to ask questions as we move along. Allow this 60 minutes to cater to you!

Flexible Scheduling

I am flexible when scheduling your 60 minutes. Everyone has their own lives, jobs, and responsibilities and I understand this. I can schedule any time and any day that works for you!

Zoom Required

I will use Zoom to share my screen, which is available on all platforms. Alternatively, we can use Skype if you prefer.

One Time $69

The cost is onetime $69 and includes a follow up email one week later. Payment can be accepted below.

Lightroom Classic

Please note this covers Lightroom Classic and not Lightroom Mobile. These are very different, and we can briefly discuss this.

I have years and years of experience in Lightroom, Photoshop, and many other Adobe applications.

Book A Session Today!

To make payment arrangements with Venmo or Apple Pay, please shoot me an email.

Along with this, I have taught in the field and classroom sessions all over the country. I have spent countless hours inside of the digital darkroom crafting numerous techniques both for better and worse. I know what does and does not work in Lightroom. From setting up and installing the first time, all the way to outputting finishes beautiful photos, both for print and online sharing, we will get you there.

We will keep this at a beginner level, so this also means that most, if not all, of the tips and techniques I demonstrate will work on older Lightroom versions as well. This is intended to be a personalized one on one learning experience, so treat it as such.