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Lockett Meadow

Autumn is finally here. In the middle of Arizona, that’s a big deal as we are finally getting some cooler temperatures. It also means that I can take a drive about 2 hours north to one of my favorite spots in the state. This particular location is an excellent place to see the colors that fall has to offer each year.

Lockett Meadow is only about 12 miles north of Flagstaff and then requires a 3 mile off road trek in, that most cars can handle. I find that going during the weekends makes a big difference with the amount of traffic that runs through the area. On weekdays there is plenty of parking and even camping. On the weekends, especially this time of year, it can be rough finding parking.

I arrived at about 10 am yesterday, and I was greeted with some stormy clouds and a bit of thunder. There were some soft sprinkles after heavy rain in the area for the few previous days. This weather made for some nice macro opportunities (see my macro gallery) with water drops everywhere. Because of this, I made a very conscious effort to keep my eyes peeled downwards as well into the macro world.

Onward and Up

As I was working my way up the trail, there was an equal amount of greenery versus the amount of color-changing yellows and golds. A lot of the landscape had fall leaves on top of green grassy hills, which was very pleasing to the eyes and my camera.

Like I mentioned with the macro opportunities and looking down, don’t forget to look up as well! Lockett Meadow still has plenty of green patches at the time of writing this, as well as plenty of gold. Looking up in this particular area along the trail showcased the greens transitioning into the autumn shades.

I continued to the top of the trail enjoying all that Mother Nature had to offer. When I arrived at the end of the path, there were some decent sprinkles and lots of thunder. As I was heading back down the trail to finish my hike I changed my lens and put on my Sigma 150mm macro lens to grab some shots with the trees and experiment with some depth of field.

I was euphoric to spend my Friday in Northern Arizona for a quick day trip to view all the colors, nature, and weather in the area. To anyone in this area in late September or early October, it’s must-see! For the shots, you see up above I was using a wide-angle (16-28) and macro 150mm. I did have a few other lenses with me, but these 2 were my go-to lenses for the hike. I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler temps and fall colors! Until next time!

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