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Welcome to The Superstition Wilderness

Let’s head on over up the way from my neck of the woods. Just over to the Superstition Mountains for some Lost Dutchman State Park photography. I was at this desert park to visit a friend of mine who camps here every year. Earlier in the day, I received my new lens, which is the Sigma 150-600mm contemporary lens. I have used this lens before, as it’s an excellent birding lens and any wildlife for that matter. Tonight though, I wanted to mount it to a star tracker and attempt a few shots on Orion’s Nebula.

Lost Dutchman Photo

Before the Sun Sets

This area is so beautiful though, you or anyone here must roam around and capture a few shots. Whether there is a “sunset” or not, there’s always something to photograph here! Any time, any day! The photograph below doesn’t contain many clouds or a typical AZ sunset; however, with a prominent subject such as a mighty Saguaro, the shot comes together nicely.

Lost Dutchman State Park Photography

Lost Dutchman State Park Photography

Don’t hesitate to get creative either! If you have a clear sky, then you maybe not have a photogenic sky. And that’s okay! A good start is to play with your depth of field. In the capture below I used my 50mm prime. I had my f-stop at f / 16, which reflects in the immediate foreground of the cactus and all its spines. But my background blurred nicely. Any Arizonian will recognize this mountainscape of the area, which makes for a fun shot as well.

Superstition Wilderness

To end the night, and well after the sun went down, I attached my 150-600 to a star tracker. I will have more on this complete setup later. For now, here is a preview of what’s to come. This is a 30-second exposure, with an aperture of 6.3. My ISO was at 1250 with a max zoom of 600mm. The rule of 500 says this lens (at 600) would create star trails at just .8 seconds. But on a star tracker, we can pull 30 seconds with ease! The finale of the night was capturing Orion’s Nebula almost straight up in the sky. As you can see, there is quite a lot of options for Lost Dutchman State Park Photography! If you enjoy night shots, also see the rest of my Deep Space Gallery and Milky Way Gallery.

Orion's Nebula

Orion’s Nebula – Lost Dutchman State Park Photography