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Night Photography Apps – Download these for your phone!

Here are some of my tops choices for iPhone apps that will help you plan out your next night shoot! All of these at the very least, offer a free version and will be useful. Some of them have paid versions, either one time or subscription that unlock features. Have fun with these night photography apps!

Night Photography Apps Cover Delicate Arch

PhotoPills – this is most people’s go to app for night photography, and top choice and with good reason

The Photographer’s Ephemeris – Excellent app for planning shoots based on what we all chase, natural lighting!

My Moon Phase – Awesome app that tells you moon phases quickly along with golden and blue hours!

Deluxe Moon – It’s always imperative to know the phase of the moon for the dark sky photos. This moon app makes it easy.

iCSC: Clear Sky Chart Viewer – a great true astronomy app for night gazers in general. If you are using telescopes as well, grab this app to help with detailed cloud information.

Sky Live: Heavens Above – A quick app to instantly let you know how good (or bad) the star gazing conditions are!

Sky Guide – My personal favorite on the list, easily locate anything in the sky you desire by holding your phone to the sky. A smooth app with a great interface.

Sky Walk 2 – Another great app to explore the dark skies to their fullest in real time.

Stellarium – A full planetarium for your phone! Made from the developers of the original desktop version.

SAM Star Adventurer Mini Console – Do you have a Sky Watcher tracker? If so, use this for polar alignments!

Some More Helpful Weather Apps

Alpenglow – It can’t be clear every night, so perhaps keep an eye on shooting at sunset/sunrise too. This app shows the blue and golden hours, along with a sunset quality prediction.

NOAA Weather Radar Live – This is a handy app, even using the free version. Real time radar images, and my favorite is the cloud coverage imaging as seen from space.

I hope you enjoy some of the night photography apps and a few of them come in handy for you! Head over to my Milky Way Gallery, Deep Space Gallery, or Star Trails Gallery and see some of the shots I have taken after using some of these apps to plan with!


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