Oregon Coast Milky Way

It’s Springtime, and the means many photographers are getting ready for full nights of Milky Way shooting. Today, I was reminiscing, about an Oregon trip where I headed up the west coast from San Francisco to Bandon, Oregon. One of my goals was to capture some Milky Way Oregon Coast images. There was a quick stop to visit Fern Canyon, but more on that later. After a few visits to this area, the stars finally aligned, to allow for a night shoot on the Bandon beaches. The moon was below the horizon, and the cloud cover was very minimal.

Oregon Coast Milky Way

Oregon Coast Milky Way

The Milky Way near Wizards Hat Rock on the Oregon Coast

I met fellow photographers and good friends of mine, Rick Sammon and Alex Morley. They were traveling up and down the Oregon coast with a workshop. When they invited me to head up, I jumped at the opportunity. While there, I was able to help the participants with some focus stacking techniques and also some long exposure captures. Not only did we have time to capture the shots, but we also processed them for some great final pieces.

Setting up for the Oregon Nightscapes

These shots were all captured on the same beach in Bandon. I parked near the Face Rock lookout point and headed down the stairs. The image below was shot right next to the parking lot before going down the stairs.

Shoot in Raw

For Milky Way season, you will always want to shoot in RAW. RAW does not process your picture at all and gives you total control to do the adjustments yourself in post processing. RAW files also capture the most amount of data, they do not become compressed like jpegs (these days raw can have certain settings to determine the amount of compression to your RAW files), and can be sharpened with more control, which can be essential for these shots at night.


The Milky Way as shoot from the Face Rock Lookout Point.