London Photography
Mike Ince
Mike Ince

Returning From My London Photography Trip

London photography
London just before sunrise

London Photography Trip

April has arrived and I spent the last parts of March in London with a camera in hand! This was my first visit to England and I have to say it was a wonderful adventure! I spent a lot of time in the Westminster area, photographing Big Ben, The Eye and of course the rest of the architecture in the area. I captured quite a few different moods in the area as I made sure to visit the areas during a wide variety of hours from late nights, before sunrises and sunsets, cloudy days and foggy mornings.

Aside from the obvious hot London photography spots, there are many photogenic images to be captured almost everywhere! The shot below is from the Leake Street tunnel. It’s a legal graffiti area and a must see spot if you enjoy street art. The tunnel is about 200 meters long so there’s plenty to capture your eye.

Leake Street Tunnel Graffiti
Leake Street Tunnel Graffiti

The Shard

The Shard building is a new highrise, recently opened in 2013 that took about 4 years to build. You can actually go up to the 72 second and 68th floors and walk the floor for quite an impressive view of the city in all directions. Shooting conditions aren’t 100% ideal from up top, but you can shoot some London photography from quite a unique location here. I will have a blog dedicated to this subject soon.

Of course, with its unique architecture, The Shard makes for an impressive focal point from the outside as well. Especially during sunset.

The Shard shot photographed from Tower Bridge
The Shard shot photographed from Tower Bridge

Stonehenge, Bath, and Lacock

Although my trip was full of London photography I had to also make sure I made time to visit a place that has always fascinated me. That place being the almighty Stonehenge. Along with the day trip also came visits to Bath and Lacock. Watch for blogs on visits to these areas shortly! This is just a quick summary, much more to come!

Stonehenge Early Morning
Stonehenge Early Morning

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