I have been using a Sony A7IV for about 3 months now. I recently switch from Nikon, but that’s another story. With a slew of features, I was very excited to do some Sony A7IV bird photography!

I haven’t traveled too much further than outside of my home in Mesa, Arizona, but I have maximized the areas I visited and put the camera to test. So far, since grabbing the camera in January, I have found 55 species of birds in my area. I am heavily using the Sony 200-600, which is quickly become my favorite lens of all time.

Let’s dive into the the things I am really loving about this camera. The shot below is my favorite hummingbird capture I have gotten so far this year. It’s not as elaborate as a in flight shot, but the portrait and composition work very well for me.

Mike Ince Hummingbird

Still Images and Video Solution

The first thing I have to say is I love the notion that I finally have a camera that I am confident in for it’s still image capability and quality, and now the same can be said for video. Even better, is that with the new menu system and controls on camera, you can independently control your still image and video settings. This makes things a dream to instantly switch back and forth extremely fast and capture the exact content you want, how you want.

So this means with the instant turn of one click on one knob I can go from shutter priority mode, setup with auto ISO to shooting video in 4k 4:2:2. I love it!

Dedicated Bird Eye Tracking

Sony A7IV Bird Photography is a pleasure to shoot with using this feature. And of course there is also dedicated eye tracking for wildlife and human eyes too. The greatest part is that this feature also carries over to the video side as well.

I find it to be very useful and accurate. In well lit scenes its extremely on point. Iffy lighting, and make it perform iffy. However, I found that if you limit your focus area to a section (I like Spot: L(arge), that helps quite a bit. There was also a recent firmware update that improved this feature even more.

You can download the latest A7IV firmware on Sony’s website.

Overall Thoughts on the Sony A7 IV for Bird Photography

Overall, Sony A7IV bird photography is a very fun and relaxing time. Especially once you get to know some basic controls and set the camera to your liking. The A7IV has a much improved menu system, which also helps you get the camera where you want it to cater to you likes. Birds in flight are a bit easier with this focus tracking system and through in the Bird AF and you get many keepers, compared to some of my older Nikon setups.